Council of Europe (2002) The Movement of Travellers in Council of Europe Member States.
Click here to access. 

Council of Europe (2010) Roma asylum seekers in Europe 
Click here to access. 

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2009) The situation of Roma EU citizens moving to and settling in other EU Member States. Click here to access. 

Jeremic, V. (2012) From Migration to Deportation: contributions to the critical analysis of the policy against Roma migrants in Europe.
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Kropp, M. and Striethorst, A. (2012) The Migrations of Roma in the European Union – an Ethnic Minority as the Sport of European Politics, Transform! 2012 (10). 
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Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (2008) Recent Migration of Roma in Europe.
Click here to access. http://www.osce.org/hcnm/78034
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