ERIO Network

Since its establishment in 2003, ERIO has created a large, informal network comprised of Roma and non-Roma organisations spread throughout Europe. Through this network, ERIO is supported by a strong constituency which legitimises our advocacy messages. In this way, through our network we create a voice which brings a greater impact to our advocacy activities.

Our network helps us to increase our pool of information, expertise and contacts. We aim to bring Roma organisations closer to the EU and international institutions by providing them with information on Roma related policies developed by these institutions and by involving them in EU programmes. We also lobby for placing Roma from our network in different structures of the EU administration.

We support national Roma organisations to voice their demands to EU institutions and national governments and in accessing programmes and policies aimed at the integration of Roma communities throughout Europe. Through networking, we aim to bring Roma organisations closer to each other. Through this trans-European network, Roma organisations can exchange information and approaches, better articulate their demands, and coordinate improved joint actions before European decision-making institutions. We expect that networking will support Roma organisations in developing their advocacy capacities and in better coordinating their fight against discrimination and social exclusion faced by Roma. Through our network, we aim to strengthen and empower the Roma movement throughout Europe.

The list of our members provided below is not exhaustive as new organisations regularly join our network. The list of current members will be constantly updated.

ERIO Network Members

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