Learning from the past

26 November 2012
ERIO organised a conference “Learning from the past: the Roma Holocaust” which was held on 26 November in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

This was a closing conference of a one-year project funded by the European Commission under the Europe for Citizens Programme, Action 4 - Active European Remembrance: “Remembering the forgotten Porajmos”.

After centuries of persecution, Europe's Roma faced extermination under the Nazis, simply because they were considered to be racially inferior. Even after the Holocaust, Roma continue to be the most hated and discriminated minority in Europe. Living primarily on the margins of society, they remain uniquely marginalised and discriminated across the continent and many stereotypes about them are still prevalent.

This conference aimed to discuss how current developments at EU level, such as the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies, have the potential to change this situation and improve the socio-economic lives of Roma across the continent. Additionally, the conference provided an opportunity for the Roma and the general public to learn about the somehow unknown Roma Holocaust.
Opening remarks by Ivan Ivanov, ERIO
Speech of Livia Jaroka, MEP, European Parliament
Speech of Dana Trama-Zada, Cabinet of Commissioner Viviane Reding, European Commission
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