"Enhancing Participation among Roma"

11 November 2009, Brussels
The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is coordinating an initiative to promote discussion on how to enhance political and civil participation among Roma communities in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, and Spain. Participants hail from Roma rights organisations, trade unions, civil associations, administration and decision-making bodies, and citizens from both Roma communities and the majority society. The goal is to stimulate debate and discussion among social and political actors and activists around questions such as: What is the present state of the social, political, and civic participation of the Roma population in Europe? What are the obstacles to that participation? What can politicians, educators, activists, etc, do to improve it? Specific objectives include:
  • to promote discussion and develop recommendations on how to enhance participation among Roma;
  • to bring Roma activists closer to trade unions, civil associations, decision-makers, and administrators in order to promote their participation at the national and European Union (EU) level;
  • to promote awareness among Roma in relation to the opportunities of participation in decision-making processes at the local, national, and EU level;
  • to promote awareness among trade unions and civil associations, initiatives, administrators, and decision-makers of the necessity to encourage participation among Roma and to promote intercultural dialogue.
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