training for Roma women

“Develop Key Competences in Social Skills for Roma Women to increase their participation in the service sector”

6 September - 18 October 2013, Brussels
The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is organising a 30-hour training course for Roma women as part of the KeyRoma project which aims to develop social and communication skills. The project's objective is to increase the chances of Roma women to enter the labour market by providing them with appropriate training.

What is the content of the training?
Training should improve the access of Roma women in the service sector. The training assists Roma women to seek employment and to:

- learn about the expectations of employers about employees.
- apply for a job (writing the CV and cover letter for an interview).
- inform them about resources there are in Belgium for unemployed people (newspapers with job advertisements in employment centers).

The training consists in a series of seminars of 30 hours in total, provided by professionals.
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