Anti-Roma hate speech, hate crime and discrimination are still major issues in multiple European countries

by ERIO on June 7th, 2019

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has published new reports on Ireland, the Netherlands, Romania and Slovenia, underlining some major issues faced by the Roma community in these countries.

In Ireland, the ECRI welcomes the formal recognition of Travellers as an indigenous ethnic group. However, the Commission urges authorities to take actions against local authorities that fail to spend money allocated for providing Travellers with adequate and culturally-appropriate accomodation. In addition, the ECRI underlines that hate speech is still quite common in Ireland and not always properly adressed.
Read the full report here.

In the Netherlands, the ECRI points out that hate crime and anti-discrimination legislation doesn't provide sufficiently dissuasive sanctions and that equality bodies do not have enough resources. Moreover, political discourse is still strongly influenced by xenophobic rhetoric with large amount of hate speech. Finally, Roma continue to face low employment rates, poverty and exclusion, due notably to poor access to education.
Read the full report here.

In Romania, the ECRI expresses concerns regarding the widespread racism, hate speech and discrimination against the Roma community. Furthermore alleged cases of racial discrimination and racial profiling by the police, against Roma, are particularly worrying. Generally speaking, Roma also continue to suffer from lack of access to employment and housing.
Read the full report here.

Finally, in Slovenia, the ECRI underlines persistent high drop-out rate of Roma pupils from school as well as deplorable housing conditions. Roma inclusion relies heavily on local authorities who often times lack political will to adopt necessary measures. The ECRI also calls on Slovenian authorities to take immediate actions to ensure that all Roma have practical access to safe water supply.
Read the full report here.

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